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Maternity Small Set

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Set includes: 5x Small

If you're looking for a reusable option to catch any cervical fluid/ vaginal discharge you may be experiencing through your pregnancy or for when you're postpartum bleeding tapers off, this is the set for you. Suitable for light flow, spotting, and discharge. 

Small is perfect for light spotting days and catching cervical fluid/vaginal discharge. The difference between the Pantyliner and Small Pad is the number of internal cotton layers, the Pantyliner has 3 cotton layers and the Small Pad has 5 cotton layers.

Great addition set to other purchases to build a sufficient collection of cloth pads dependent on your preferred sizes, frequency of change, and washing routine! 

You can use your hannahpads beyond pregnancy and postpartum for when your body starts to regulate itself again.

Please keep in mind that each person is different and the best point of reference is your experience with disposables and the understanding of your own requirements. Descriptions on the suitability of our products are only a suggestion.


*Refer to our sizing chart, or for first-time purchases try our Tester pad (with free delivery, hooray!)

**Please be mindful of selecting the appropriate size to suit your needs, before purchasing. We do not accept returns or exchanges due to hygiene reasons.


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