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Liner Bundle

$75.80 AUD $72.00 AUD

Available with afterpay

Bundle includes: 

1x hannahcup (choice of size) w/ carry pouch [random pattern]

3x Pantyliner (choice of pattern)

Suitable for people who:

- want to switch to both a menstrual cup and reusable liners

- experience mostly light flow during the day

- prefers daily backup for their menstrual cup use throughout the day/night

Note: Pantyliners in this bundle come with extra grip.

This bundle is only a starter if you need other pads or liners depending on the amount of flow or frequency of change, you can check out our Singles or Sets.

Washing hannahcup: Boil in water for 5mins before and after each cycle and rinse well with cold water when emptying and reinserting the cup. Click here for more cup wash and care tips. 

*Refer to our sizing chart, or for first-time purchases try our Tester pad (with free delivery, hooray!)

**Please be mindful of selecting the appropriate size to suit your needs, before purchasing. We do not accept returns or exchanges due to hygiene reasons.

Liner/Pad Size Chart:

Menstrual Cup Details:

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