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Loving the hannah pad! Used it for the first time today and it is so comfortable and effective! No leaks, no worries! The lack of waste also makes me feel awesome. Thanks to the lovely man at the Adelaide vegan festival for talking to me about them! smile

- Ella


I love these cloth pads they are so soft and heaps better than the feeling of regular pads. Love the designs and think there is a great range of sizes and absorbency options!
Thanks Hannahpad!

- Rebekah


I've never been so excited to receive anything in the mail ever!!! I got some from the cruelty free festival and absolutely loved them, I had to get a cycles worth! Coming from someone with dermatitis, these are the cosiest, allergy free option out there! No more rashes! Thank you for making my feminine time a little more comfortable heart

- Kayley


I first heard about Hannah pads two years ago, and I thought why not give them ago and see what they are like. I used them when my next cycle came, they were so easy and comfortable to wear, super easy to wash and dry. My cycle slowed down with the use of Hannah pads and I only need to use the small pads. Absolute love them, would highly recommend them to every female. LOVE LOVE LOVE. 

- Chelsea


I have had my Hannah pads (I have 8 pads) for about 2 years now and they are brilliant! After 2 years they still look pretty and like new. So soft and so comfortable, never had an "accident" as they are highly absorbent. Easy to clean, dry and they pack away so neatly. It feels good to know I am helping the environment and the money I have saved it an added plus! Do yourself and the environment a favour and make the switch to hannah pads they are the best investment you will make heart

- Brooke


After adopting a vegan, more eco friendly lifestyle I made the switch from tampons. Not only have these been comfortable to wear, easy to wash, it has also made a difference to the overall health of my cycle. Can not recommend these enough 

- Kaylee


I discovered Hannahpads in March 2016 at an eco/wellbeing festival. I followed the cleaning advice given to me by the lovely staff I met on the day and have managed to keep my entire set of over 20 pads and liners stain free until now (~2.5 years of use). They look and work great and should last several more years to come at this rate. Hannahpads are superior in quality of construction, materials and workmanship compared to other reusable cloth pads and liners I've tried. Happy customersmile

- Yevon


This product is so amazing! It is an easy and comfy way to ensure your period is a 100% waist free one. Please do yourself a favour and invest in this amazing product. You won’t regret it xx 

- Mia


I have used cloth pads for a few years now and the Hannahpad cloth pads are the most comfortable ones I've tried! Lovely fabrics on the outside and super soft fabric against the skin. Highly recommended.thumbsup

- Simone